New Membership Drive

General Meeting @ LREC 2018 on May 9, 2018
The slides presented during the meeting are available as PDF.The new membership at ELRA now encompasses two (2) types of members:

  1. the Institutional Members (formerly called ELRA Members), including the ELRA Subscribers
  2. the Individual Members.

For the Institutional Members, the main change lies in the discontinuation of the Fidelity Program, replaced by a new mechanism rewarding the loyal members. Their benefits remains those described here: The Individual Member, the new category of ELRA Members, includes:

  1. the individual researchers and users of LRs who will join the association by paying individual membership fees
  2. the employees of institutional ELRA members who are ELRA members by default, without having to pay for the individual membership fees since the institutional membership covers for that.

Individual members are represented by a Board member designated among the members and elected by them.Individual members cannot buy resources from ELRA; this is legally restricted to institutional members. Individual members may, however, obtain the free resources for which ELRA has the right of free distribution.