Why become an ELRA member?

You will find below a few reasons to join us and become an institutional ELRA member.

Price discounts on the resources, up to 70% reduction on some items. In addition, discounts on related technical publications, commercial reports, etc.

● Registration to LREC, the Language Resources and Evaluation Conference at a discounted price for ELRA members. Other events (workshops, meetings, etc.) organized by ELRA are opened to ELRA members.

● Apart from the wide range of resources in the catalogue, members can at any time turn to ELRA for information on other databases available or databases being developed.

Legal and contractual assistance are provided to the ELRA members. This could be when you are negotiating for a resource with a producer or if you need information on other contractual or legal matters.

● All publications are sent to members on a regular basis. Special News and Updates on association affairs are issued via e-mail in the monthly Members Bulletin. The ELRA Web site features a section for members only, where internal reports and statistics can be found.

● LRs produced by ELRA will be exclusively distributed by ELRA, with substantial price discounts for the ELRA members.

Validation manuals have been prepared by Validation Centres for Written and Speech LRs appointed by ELRA (Centre for Sprogteknologi, Denmark and SPEX, Speech Processing Expertise centre, The Netherlands, respectively) and are available from the ELRA website.

● The Language Resources and Evaluation (LRE) Journal: The LRE Journal, published by Springer, is the first publication devoted to the acquisition, creation, annotation, and use of LRs, together with methods for evaluation of resources, technologies, and applications. On a yearly basis, ELRA members are offered an electronic access to the content of JLRE (one token is sent to the ELRA contact).

● Membership gives you the opportunity to influence the future development of the whole LE/LR market.

Benefits for individual members are:

Special price on the  Language Resources and Evaluation (LRE) Journal

* Discount for all members, including individual members

Free access to free resources (IP with ELRA) for all members

* With an Online licensing tool and automation of delivery

●  Legal Helpdesk services

* Support on analysis of copyright aspects of LRs Support and analysis of Compliance with the new regulations on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for all types of LRs

* Support in licensing data to and from third parties (licensee and Licensor) and other issues related to distribution/sharing of LRs

●  LREMap+

* Members will be able to manage (set, store, retrieve) search bookmarks.

* Members will be able to see authors’ e-mail addresses and can contact them

* Next version(s) members will be able to compute  various statistics

●  Catalogue+

* Members will be allowed to log in to the ELRA catalogue from any other ELRA application (LRE Map, ELRA portal, etc), via a single-sign-on mechanism.

* Access to more samples for selected LRs

* Bookmark previous searches

* License and download resources (special conditions for free resources )

Rewarding our Faithful Institutional Members

The new membership schema now includes discount on membership fees on a 3-year basis: the institutional members can cumulate up to 30% discount on the membership fees by renewing their membership for 3 consecutive years or more. See the table below.

The fees remain the same, except for the non-EU organizations (now € 1500).