What is ISLRN?

What is it?

The 13-digit ISLRN format is: XXX-XXX-XXX-XXX-X. It can be allocated to any Language Resource; its composition is neutral and does not include any semantics in reference to the type or nature of the Language Resource. The ISLRN is a randomly created number with a check digit that validates a Verhoeff algorithm.

Who can request an ISLRN number?

Providers can request a new ISLRN for a given Language Resource. They must first register online and sign up. A provider has the possibility to become certified, after moderation, in order to be able to import metadata in XML format.

The functionalities that can be accessed by Providers, once they have signed up, are:

  •  Log in
  •  Request an ISLRN according to the metadata of a given resource
  •  Request to become a certified provider so as to import XML files containing metadata
  •  Import one or more metadata descriptions in XML to request ISLRN(s) (only for certified providers)
  •  Edit pending requests
  •  Access previous requests
  • Contact a Moderator or an Administrator
  •  Edit Providers’ own profile


A request for an ISLRN is handled by moderators within 5 working days.

Who can visit the ISLRN Portal?

Anyone can browse the web site and search for the ISLRN of a given Language Resource by its name or by its number if it exists.

The functionalities that can be accessed by Visitors are:

  •  Identify a language resource according to its ISLRN
  •  Identify an ISLRN by the name of a language resource
  •  Get information about ISLRN, FAQ, Basic Metadata, Legal Information
  •  View last 5 accepted resources (“What’s new” block on home page)
  • Sign up to become a provider


Contact: admin@islrn.org