Individual Membership

Who are the individual members?

Individual members can come from all over the world; this type of membership is not restricted to Europeans. Individual members cannot benefit from the discounts on LRs. This is restricted to (representatives of) institutional members. Individual members however may obtain the free resources for which ELRA has the rights. An online licensing mechanism for this will be implemented.  Individual members who are also legal entities have access to purchasing ELRA’s other resources too, but, as said, without the discounts. If they want the discount then they have to join as an institutional member.

Term of membership

For the individual members the term of membership will pertain to calendar years, as for institutional members. It will typically start when the registration fees for a LREC-conference are due. At the registration the ELRA-membership will be offered with the concomitant discount on the conference registration fee. Paying this fee will give the registrant a two-years membership of ELRA in which s/he can make use of all ELRA services. Membership renewal will be due at registration period for the next LREC. Workshop only fees will not include the ELRA individual membership. Furthermore, individuals can always request an individual membership two years at any time. This membership will always cover the two calendar years of registration (and thus run from 1 January up to 31 December), and thus always covers one LREC conference.

Membership Fees

Individual membership fees are available here. If you have attended LREC 2018, the fees for 2018-2020 were included in the conference fees.

Employees of institutional ELRA members are also individual ELRA members if and when they want to use ELRA member services (incl. discount on LREC registration fees). They don’t have to pay the individual membership fees as well since their organization covers for that.  With respect to discounts on the LREC fees there will be no limits on the number of employees of an institutional member who are entitled to receive a discount.

Board Member

One position in the ELRA Board is taken by a representative from the individual members (this Board member can come from anywhere in the world), and this member is elected by the individual members only.

There will be a General Meeting for individual members at each LREC where they can convene with their representative and the Board to discuss ELRA matters concerning individual members. The content of the meeting is an interesting mixture of relevant issues from the ELRA board, an inventory of wishes from individual members, and a self- introduction of Board applicants.