LREC 2016 Legal Issues Workshop

Portorož, Slovenia, May 24, 2016


LREC 2016 is the 10th conference devoted to Language Resources. As usual, a half-day Legal Issues Workshop will take place, uniting legal practitioners and scholars to share updates to legal issues in their fields and to share cutting edge research on legal issues that affect language resources.


LREC brings together practitioners and scholars in the field of Language Resources (LRs) and Evaluation for Human Language Technologies (HLT).

In the past, the Legal Issues Workshop has included updates from a number of experts on “What’s happened in the last 2 years re: legal issues and language resources?” In addition, updates from research infrastructures in the EU and US are presented, as well as lawyers and scholars publishing papers in this field. This workshop will follow another LREC 2016 event (ETHI-CA² 2016) devoted to “Ethics  In Corpus Collection, Annotation & Application”.



  • intellectual property law (copyright, etc.)
  • data privacy and data protection
  • issues related to data produced within public sector bodies
  • e-research infrastructures
  • net neutrality
  • as they relate to language resources, big data, open data, and digital humanities.



LRE for Actionable Knowledge

Important information to support a range of applications is hidden in Big Data. Automated content analytics is needed for the interpretation of the data and their context, so that it is accurately understood and can be integrated and used in applications. Content analytics makes use of various technologies, like semantic search, keyword suggestions, clustering, classification, etc. What is the role of LRs in such correlation of digital content and context? Can for example relations between LRs and Knowledge Graphs for entity linking, disambiguation, reasoning, etc. support the generation of actionable knowledge in Big Data analytics?

More generally we would like to bring to discussion all issues related to LRs and evaluation means for semantic processing in the Big Data environment.

LRE for Interaction with Devices

There is a growing interest in adapting and improving Natural Language Processing for providing intelligent language interfaces to all kind of devices that are connected to the Internet (of Things), and also to robots, sensors and the like. We encourage investigating how to relate LRs in this communication set-up with data that are in principle of a non-linguistic nature. How to improve multilingual and multimodal generation of information from sensors, robots and in general from structured data in the Internet of Things? How can LRs optimally be designed and used in this (bi-directional) interaction? How to combine language and sensor streams in multilingual and multimodal virtual worlds?

Are there new or past approaches to Human-Machine dialogue offering easily adaptable solutions, so that we need “only” to upgrade them to the enormously increased quantity of data and number of interconnected devices?


The Legal Issues Workshop will include a keynote speaker, talks by the organizing committee, talks by representatives of research infrastructures, as well as presentations by scholars who publish on law and language resources issues.


1500-2000 words extended abstracts are needed at first for submission. The full papers will be published as workshop proceedings along with the LREC main conference by ELRA. For these, the instructions of LREC need to be followed.

The submission will be via the START conference system:


  • Deadline for 1500-2000 words abstract submission: 2016
  • Notification of acceptance: 2016
  • Final version of accepted paper: 2016
  • Workshop: 24 May 2016 (14:00-18:00).



  • Khalid Choukri – ELRA, Paris – France
  • Erik Ketzan – Institute für Deutsche Sprache, Mannheim – Germany, and Birkbeck, University of London – England
  • Stelios Piperidis – Athena Research Center/ILSP, Athens – Greece
  • Prodromos Tsiavos –
  • Andreas Witt – Institute für Deutsche Sprache, Mannheim – Germany


For more information, please contact:   Erik Ketzan (