Shared Language Resources

The LREC initiative Share your LRs was initiated in 2014 in Reykjavik. It was successfully continued in 2016 (Portorož) and in 2018 (Miyazaki).

Browse and download LRs from:


The Shared LRs sets have been manually checked and cleaned versions of the lists of LRs are now available and include LRs complying with the following criteria:

  • LRs accessible (either when uploaded by the participants or when they provide an external URL for downloading the data)
  • LRs categorized as Datasets only. It can be a:
    • Corpus
    • Evaluation Data / Package,
    • Grammar/Language Model,
    • Language Resources/Technologies Infrastructure,
    • Lexical Conceptual Resource General Information,
    • Lexicon,
    • Ontology,
    • Terminology,
    • Treebank.

Excluded LRs are:

  • LRs uploaded when the content did not correspond to the description
  • LRs with no download URL provided or URL now a dead link
  • LRs categorized as tools or guidelines
  • LRs associated to rejected papers.