Simon Krek

Simon Krek ( is a researcher in the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at Jožef Stefan Institute in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and the head of the Centre for Language Resources and Technologies at the University of Ljubljana. His research fields are lexicography and lexicogrammar, corpus linguistics, natural language processing (for Slovene), language technology infrastructure (for Slovene) and computer-aided language learning and teaching.

He started his career as the Editor-in-Chief of the English-Slovene Dictionary Oxford-DZS, a project which also produced the first representative corpus of Slovene. From 2008-2013 he coordinated a major Slovene LT project which produced extensive language resources and tools for the Slovene language: written corpora, spoken corpus, web concordancers, natural language processing tools, lexicons, lexical databases etc. From 2008 he has participated in many European projects (META-NET, X-LIKE, AQUASMART etc.) and is currently leading the H2020-funded ELEXIS project (European Lexicographic Infrastructure – 2018-2022). He is also National Anchor Point in the ELRC project (European Language Resources Coordination) and participates in other projects funded by CEF (eTranslation TermBank, MARCELL). He is also deputy national coordinator of the CLARIN.SI infrastructure, as part of the European CLARIN.EU infrastructure.