German Rigau

German Rigau is member of the Ixa research group and deputy director of HiTZ, the Basque Center forLanguage Technology, based in San Sebastian, Basque Country. He co-leads an established research center that focuses on the development and advancement of language technology.

For the past 25 years he has been collaborating with research partners – nationally and internationally – in many research projects and initiatives with regard to the development of open source lexical resources and advanced NLP tools. For instance, since its inception he has been coordinating the development of the wordnets for Spanish, Catalan, Basque and Galician, as well as other lexical resources and ontologies for its integration into the Multilingual Central Repository as well as the Global WordNet Grid. He has been also one of the promoters of Freeling and Ixa-pipes multilingual NLP tools developed respectively at the UPC and UPV/EHU.

He has been advisor since its inception of the Spanish Plan to Promote Language Technologies organized by the Spanish government, now within the Spanish National Strategy for AI (ENIA). He is also member of the executive committee of the Global WordNet Association (GWA) and member of the permanent steering committee of the Spanish Society for the Processing of Natural Language (SEPLN). Currently he is also member of the core partners of the European Language Equality project to develop the strategic research, innovation and deployment agenda to achieve digital language equality in Europe by 2030.

He is/has been involved in the many international projects, among which: Acquilex, EuroWordNet, Namic, Meaning, KYOTO, Paths, OpeNER, Readers, NewsReader, MT4All, ELE and Antidote. He is/has also been involved in several national research projects among which ITEM, HERMES, KNOW, KNOW2, SkaTer, TUNER and DeepReading. He has participated and also organized several international competitions at SENSEVAL/SEMEVAL. Currently, he is also coordinating the strategic network INTELE towards the integration of Spain into the CLARIN and DARIAH research infrastructures.

He has published more than a two hundred articles and papers in the area of Natural Language Processing (NLP), and in particular, the Lexical Semantics, Semantic Processing and Inference. According to Google Scholar Metrics 2020: 6805 total citations, average of 586 citations/year last 5 years, Index h: 44. Ranking of scientists in Spain 2020: 2655 out of 82.000 (top 5%). He has given invited several keynote lectures, is a regular organizer of and referee for national and international conferences and journals, and has served on many scientific, advisory, programme, evaluation and PhD committees.