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Data Management Plan

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Data Management is one of ELRA’s key activities which encompasses LRs discovery and integration to its LRs Catalogue, LRs production, and IPR issues clearance prior to distributing the LRs. Dissemination on LRs and their uses, including the evaluation of HLT systems, is also part of ELRA’s missions.

Through the Data Management Plan (DMP), ELRA outlines how data should be handled during a research project and beyond. The DMP covers the entire data lifecycle (see Graph below) and describes the policy that should be implemented to manage data efficiently throughout the project and ensure data is sustainable. In order to refine the sustainability assessment, ELRA is using the 20 impacting factors and means identified by FlaReNet and whose combination lead to a global sustainability.

All phases are documented: project description, data acquisition, data documentation and metadata, data licensing, data curation and sharing.