Developed within META-NET, META-SHARE is a distributed and networked set of repositories of language data and tools, documented with high-quality metadata, aggregated in a central inventory allowing for uniform search and access to resources.

META-SHARE was officially launched in Berlin on January 25, 2013, as part of the META-NET Network meeting. "Connect to our infrastructure and share" is the key message conveyed by Stelios Piperidis, ILSP Greece, during the launch ceremony. Khalid Choukri stated that "ELRA is very proud to be a major player in that initiative, a very efficient and sophisticated instrument to better render its services, as defined by the LR community in ELRA’s core mission".

Started 4 years ago, the META-SHARE infrastructure now connects 24 Language Resources repositories giving access to 1900+ LRs, Since the beginning, the involvement of ELRA has been substantial: ELRA has been bringing in more than 80% of the initial resources, has taken an active part in the development of META-SHARE.

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