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Rewarding our Faithful Members

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Miles, what for?

The principle of the fidelity program, set up to reward loyal members, is to earn miles by joining and remaining member of our association. The awarded miles can be used by members, once earned, for:

  • The payment of membership fees
  • The payment of registration fees to LREC and other events organized by the association
  • The purchase of the Language Resources from the ELRA catalogue with additional discount.


How many miles?

This depends on the type of the institution, and therefore on the membership fee. The number of miles per year that can be earned is currently as follows:  

Non-profit making organisation 200 miles
European small/medium-sized companies (< 50 employees) 250 miles
European profit making organisations (>= 50 employees) 375 miles
Non-European profit making organisations 1250 miles


The use and earning of miles is subject to the following rules:

  • If membership fee is paid before July 1st, the member gets the annual number of miles immediately.
  • If membership fee is paid after July 1st, the member is entitled to keep the miles acquired so far but the member will not earn miles for the current year (all other member benefits still apply, e.g. reduced price on resources, on LREC registration fees, etc.). The rule does not apply to new members who can join anytime and earn miles for that 1st year.
  • If membership fee has not been paid by December 31st, all the miles acquired so far are lost.


Miles can be used as soon as they are earned for all ELRA services, including LREC registration fees or ELRA membership:

  • After 2 years (2012 and 2013), a not-for-profit institution will have earned 400 miles (200 each year) and will be able to register 3 students for LREC2014.
  • After 4 years, any institution member of ELRA will have earned enough miles to get a free membership for one year.