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ELDA and INSA Rouen Normandie partner to release the Annotated tweet corpus in Arabizi, French and English

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Press Release - Immediate
Paris, France, May 11, 2022

ELDA and INSA Rouen Normandie partner to release the Annotated tweet corpus in Arabizi, French and English

ELDA and INSA Rouen Normandie are pleased to announce the release of the Annotated tweet corpus in Arabizi, French and English. This corpus was built by ELDA on behalf of INSA Rouen Normandie (Normandie Université, LITIS team), in the framework of the SAPhIRS project (System for the Analysis of Information Propagation in Social Networks), funded by the DGE (Direction Générale des Entreprises, France) through the RAPID programme (2017-2020). This project aimed at studying the mechanisms of information and opinion propagation within social networks: identifying influential leaders, detecting channels for disseminating information and opinion. The purpose of the corpus constitution, completed in 2020, was to collect and annotate tweets in 3 languages (Arabizi, French and English) for 3 predefined themes (Hooliganism, Racism, Terrorism).

The annotated tweet corpus in Arabizi, French and English can be found in the ELRA Catalogue under the following links and references:


For more information and/or questions, please write to


About INSA Rouen Normandie

As a leading regional institute for research and higher education in engineering and among the main French establishments, INSA Rouen Normandie holds a major place in the landscape of engineering education in France. Its mission includes education (11 engineering courses including 4 apprenticeship programs, 2 master’s specialization and 7 masters), research (8 laboratories) and the spreading of scientific culture in the following fields of expertise: information systems, big data, mathematics, chemistry and processes, risks management and industrial site recovery, energy, propulsion systems, mechanics, industrial performance, civil engineering and urban design and planning. INSA Rouen Normandie graduates almost 400 engineers and is a member of the INSA group. It is closely tied to the world of industry and has established a large number of partnerships with international organisations.

To find out more about INSA Rouen Normandie, please visit:


About ELDA
The Evaluations and Language resources Distribution Agency (ELDA) is ELRA (European Language Resources Association)'s operational body. ELDA handles the practical and legal concerns related to the distribution of resources and provides legal advice to ELRA members and suppliers in these areas. In addition, it drafts and concludes user and distribution agreements on behalf of ELRA. It is also actively involved in production, evaluation and dissemination activities.

To find out more about ELDA, please visit:

About ELRA Catalogue of Language Resources: